Business Development

Integration into a new partnership, into a group or a corporation

Has a new partnership started but things are not going smoothly? Is the integration into the new group or corporation not really progressing as planned?

I recommend defining or identifying common goals and strategies to establish a basis for cooperation. The nature of the cooperation and the desired synergistic effects must then be developed to translate them into operational processes. As an external Interim Executive I can demonstrate best practice examples and then suggest the suitable path for your company.

Move further in Internationalization

Is your company already operating internationally but could achieve much more?

I recommend an honest analysis to identify the gap between expectation and reality. What goals have you set and to what extent have they been achieved? What contacts are missing on the market and supplier side in the relevant countries and how can they be established? As an internationally experienced Interim Executive I can provide you with best practice examples as well as initiate new contacts.

Developing New Products or Exploring New Markets

Do you have a strong product portfolio and penetrated your current markets? You are still looking for a bigger market share and focus on growth?

I recommend conducting a product and market analysis that first examines the current situation, then explores potential new product ideas, extensions, and variants. Similarly, I advise reviewing current markets and identify potential new markets.

As an external Interim Executive I offer new perspectives, fresh ideas and diverse market experiences. Together, we can develop a plan that leads to new horizons.