Operational Excellence

Changing the Depth of Value Creation in the Company

Do you want to outsource more or bring previously outsourced activities back inhouse?

I recommend conducting an analysis to understand the strategic, economic, temporal or personnel advantages of such a change and whether it could, for example, lead to more flexibility or motivation amongst staff. As an external Interim Executive I can provide my experiences with outsourcing and insourcing and their effects and then work out with you to the optimal solution for your company.

Strengthening Customer Orientation Along the Customer Journey

Do you want to better understand your customers and thereby elevate your customer orientation to a new level?

I recommend conducting an as-is analysis, identification of target groups and personas and design the Customer Journey(s). This way you take the perspective of your customers.

As an external Interim Executive I highly recommend immersing yourself and your team into the mindset of your customers. This opens up new perspectives and solutions that are rewarded by the markets.

Economic Efficiency and Growth through Efficient and Scalable Processes

Is your company’s economic efficiency already quite good but could it be further enhanced? Will the planned growth be difficult to achieve due to outdated organizational structures and unclear processes?

I recommend initiating a process offensive. Processes must be documented and then continuously managed. They should be transparent and measurable across the entire company laying the groundwork for digitalization. This approach will highlight strengths and weaknesses, allowing the minimization of deficits. It significantly eases the management of the company at all levels.

As an external Interim Executive I offer my expertise in process management. Whilst this topic is widely discussed it is rarely tackled consistently. Sustainable success for the company can be secured on this basis.