Restructuring, integration or realignment of your company


Do you have historically grown structures that need to be adjusted?

Many companies have not changed their organizational structure for many years and have not reflected changing parameters. However, processes have changed significantly, they have been digitalized, or optimized, but no longer match the structure?

In such cases I recommend an analysis of the situation creating transparency and clarity about set goals and strategies and initiate a process driven restructuring of the company. As an external Interim Executive I have the experience combined with a vision based on a natural distance to walk you along this complex path.

Realignment necessary due to changed market conditions, new or evolving technologies or new directives from shareholders


Is a realignment necessary because the framework conditions have changed significantly?

I recommend an analysis of the old and new framework conditions to identify the gap. This should be followed by defining new goals and strategies and develop optimized processes. As an external executive I can accompany and guide your company in developing these new goals and strategies, develop and implement new processes.

Optimizing Zero Emission and Sustainability


Is zero emission and sustainability already a focus of your company? Do you regularly monitor and create reports on it? Has it been just a formality so far without any visible optimization?

I recommend reassessing your goals and strategies regarding zero emission and sustainability. Install clear objectives that are monitored and if necessary trigger corrective actions. Are these objectives realistic and sensible?

As an external Interim Executive, I can bring my experience to the table and work with you on developing a solution that withstands critical scrutiny.